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It all started in 2000 for the Christian Asselin farm. Christian, son and grandson of a tobacco producer, wanted to continue in the footsteps of his family, the cigarette tobacco industry.

In 2002, very fond of blueberries, Christian took advantage of a small free space on the family land to plant some 2,200 blueberry plants.

In 2003, with the decline of tobacco growing, Christian and Julie, his spouse decided to increase the number of blueberry plantations to more than 5,500.

Tobacco growing
Chistian Asselin, his wife Julie and their kids.

In 2004, the tobacco industry giants announced the end of the partnership with Quebec producers, putting an end to Julie and Christian’s dream of becoming a tobacco producer. They decided to extend the blueberry harvest by planting several thousand other plants and creating « Bleuetière Asselin ». In 2005 the plantation had more than 10,100 highbush blueberry plants (giant blueberries).

In the summer of 2005, the farm opened for the first time, allowing the public to pick blueberries on the first piece of land, ready for a first harvest.

We now have a few raspberry plants to meet the growing customer demand.

In the spring of 2019, we added an orchard of 270 semi-dwarf apple trees of different varieties. Apple picking is expected to begin in September 2024.

For the greatest pleasure of your children, in autumn, you can now buy our squash and pick pumpkins in our fields every weekend in October!

Photo Albums

In order to share the most beautiful scenery of our beautiful region of Lanaudière, here are the photo albums of our blueberry plantation that allows you to pick blueberries.

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